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Note: For more information on NPRI or MoE Certificates of Approval, please visit the Library page.

Most manufacturing operations in Canada are obligated to report their air, water, and land emissions to the National Pollution Release Inventory (NPRI); and in Ontario a similar report must also be sent to the Ministry of the Environment (MoE). There can be significant penalties for not filing.

Spectrum Environmental provides:

  • Over 20 years of experience preparing Certificate of Approval submissions.
  • A familiarity with diverse industrial processes and the chemistry behind them; our experience enables us to identify the critical emissions and report the results accurately.
  • Methodologies for determining pertinent process emission factors.
  • Recommendations on methods for reducing excess emissions before the actual submission.
  • A personal attention to detail ensures that each report is unique to each client.
  • Peer recognition: The Ministry has used our work to train their staff.
  • Preparation of the Emission Summary and Dispersion Modeling (ESDM) reports, and noise assessment evaluations.
  • The completion of all necessary application forms.
  • Submission of NPRI data onto the OWNERS web site.

It is mandatory in Ontario to have a valid CoA if emissions are to be made to the atmosphere. The Enforcement Branch of the MoE has the authority to visit any plant in the Province and demand to see the CoA. If one does not exist an order will be served on the Company to obtain a Certificate within a limited period of time. Non-compliance could result in the process being shut down.

If you are unsure whether you require a CoA, or you have made changes to your process and require a new CoA, or have been directed by the Ministry to obtain a CoA , feel free to contact us – we will be pleased to give you pointers as to how you should proceed.

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